Our Promise to You

Our Customers Love us

Thank you for the awesome recommendation.  My pain has been lessened thanks to the Active Releaf Cool Stick.  I’ll always have a mini in my purse!


You guys rock fast shipping! I place my order Monday morning and have it by Thursday.  I know exactly when I need to place my orders so I never run out my body butter and CBD oil. 


I’m so happy that I found you at the trade show and started using the 19 Paths rub.  My pain is so much better that I’m able to do gardening again.  Bless you!


I LOVE having your products in my spa.  My customers can’t get enough of the High on Love products, especially the Lip Gloss for Couples.  I’m doubling my next order!


We needed to place a rush order for Pet Tinctures for our Toronto location.  We were amazed that you were able to take the order, process it and have it to us in 2 business days!  Thanks so much.


A friend told me about a bath salt soak she got that helps her with cramps.  I got it from you as well and… let’s just say that I will be a customer for LIFE!  Thank you so much.